Clinical data proves that Patient Self Testing (PST) greatly improves the amount of time patients are in their optimal therapeutic range (TTR) while significantly decreasing the likelihood of an adverse event during anticoagulation therapy.

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There are multiple studies that examine the benefits of Patient Self Testing. The studies examine the amount of time that patients stay in their therapeutic range. PHM has compiled and summarized multiple studies for your review.


If you have any questions about the data or would like to learn more about the benefits of patient self test (PST), please call the PHM support team at (877) 811-9690.

*Decision Memo for Prothrombin Time (INR) Monitor for Home Anticoagulation Management (CAG-00087N). 2001.
**Bussey HI, Bussey M, Bussey-Smith KL, et al. Evaluation of warfarin management with international normalized ratio self-testing and online remote monitoring and management plus low-dose vitamin k with genomic considerations: a pilot study. Pharmacotherapy 2013;33:1136-46.

Monthly Lab Testing Vs Weekly Self-Testing Chart

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