Test Your INR On Your Schedule, At Home, In 5 Minutes!

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To request more information, please give us a call at (877) 811-9690. You can also email us with any questions or comments.

Training and Support

Our commitment to your health starts with you…

  • Our insurance specialists ensure our service is covered by your insurer before you are enrolled.
  • Your personal case management team will ensure you receive the maximum health benefit with our in-home testing program.
  • Your case management team will always ensure that your results reach your physician’s hands promptly and accurately.
  • We supply you with the latest FDA approved, reliable patient self testing meters currently available and we pre-ship testing strips to
    your home before your supply runs low.

…and continues with your physician.

  • We assign a clinical support team to support your physician’s staff in your transition to our in-home patient testing program.
  • We work within the existing framework of your physician’s systems so they can focus on managing your health.

Meter Training

Training On the In-Home Meter at Your Physician’s Office

Who better to teach you how to use your in-home meter than the professionals at your current physician’s office?  Portable in-home PT/INR meters are simple to use. Before you begin testing at home, however, the staff at your physician’s office will teach you how to use your new PT/INR meter.

  • PHM has access to your physician’s training calendar, allowing us to schedule training on a day that’s best for you.
  • The instruction itself takes no longer than a regular visit to your physician.
  • You will be instructed by your physician’s staff at their office or clinic.
  • You will get to keep all of the reference materials received during your instruction.

We ensure that your physician has everything they need to serve you best.

  • We coordinate with your physician’s staff.
  • We work with your clinician to determine your eligibility for Patient Self Testing.
  • Your personal case management team communicates with your clinician on a weekly basis, providing prompt updates on your PT/INR status.