Improve your ROI through a lower cost monitoring program that also provides improved outcomes. Whether you choose to offer PST to everyone, to non-compliant patients, or to those with logistical challenges, we offer a turn-key, customizable solution for your practice.

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How it Works

We’ve got you covered from informing your patients to maintaining supplies and providing support. Below are details about each phase of the process.

Patient EnrollmentCustomer Service Rep

  • PHM manages outreach on your behalf
  • PHM contacts all interested and eligible patients identified by prescribing physician to explain program and outline process.
  • PHM provides patient information packages, in-office posters to your office.

Insurance Verification and Qualification

  • PHM verifies benefits with patient’s insurance provider to confirm coverage and determine costs, if any.
  • PHM communicates eligibility and coverage results to patient, avoiding any surprises.

Nurse Training PatientMeter Shipment and Training Coordination

  • PHM coordinates shipment and delivery of patient’s meter and supplies.
  • PHM schedules patient for meter training based on nurse & class availability, either at patient’s home or in the office.

Patient Orientation

  • After completion of patient training, PHM Case Manager conducts “Welcome Call” with patient to personally walk through first home INR test and outline reporting process.
  • PHM performs training quality survey and obtains necessary completed training documentation.
  • PHM ensures patient has their pre-programmed meter and supplies and all our contact information for continued support.

Data Collection and INR ReportingDoctor Writing Notes

  • Every week, patient’s INR value is reported through PHM; PHM sends test result to prescribing physician office based on fully customizable INR Reporting Protocol for both in-range and out-of-range.
  • Your practice specifies periodicity, mode of communication, etc. We offer integration of IT workflow to provide real-time patient results, should you choose. We even offer live phone transfers to your clinic when patient is out-of-range.
  • PHM makes reminder calls the day before test and after any missed test to ensure compliance and avoid missed appointments.